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How quickly does MossBlocker work?
On algae and light moss growth, MossBlocker will be effective within a few days. On heavier growths, you may need to wait 2 weeks before the full effects are seen. So long as you have applied enough solution to thoroughly wet the moss / algae, it will work, so put your feet up and have another coffee while it does it’s magic!
How long does MossBlocker prevent regrowth?
In almost every circumstance MossBlocker will block the regrowth of moss and algae for a minimum of 18 months, and in many situations it will be effective for as long as 2 – 3 years.
How much MossBlocker solution do I need?
This can be calculated very simply.
For light to medium growth areas, you will dilute 1:4. This means a 5 litre concentrate will cover 150 square metres.
For heavy growth areas, you need to dilute at 1:3. This means a 5 litre concentrate will cover around 110 square metres.
Is MossBlocker harmful to pets and children?
When used in the recommended concentrations, MossBlocker is non-harmful and non-toxic. It contains no bleach, and no acid. It is antibacterial.
Sometimes when spraying it can give of a bit of a smell for a short while, and if spray is airborne it is recommended to wear a paper mask to avoid inhaling the spray.
What is MossBlocker effective against?
MossBlocker is effective against almost every kind of moss and algae, including lichen, fungi, mildew and liverwort.
Where can I use MossBlocker?
You can use MossBlocker on almost any hard surface. These include block paving, tarmac, concrete slabs, wooden surfaces, fences, decking, garden furniture, sheds, all roof types – slate, tile, felt, tennis courts and driveways.
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