Mossblocker® - Kill & protect in one application!

THE UK'S NO.1 MOSS & ALGAE Kill & protect solution
MossBlocker – How it Works
MossBlocker is a scientific way of dealing with moss and algae on a huge variety of surfaces.

This is how it is able to solve both issues –

1) Killing existing growth, and
2) Preventing regrowth

MossBlocker works by creating a minuscule electronic imbalance between the surface treated and the living conditions required for moss and algae to grow.

In itself, MossBlocker is almost pH neutral, and therefore harmless to most surfaces.

MossBlocker reacts against the energy-producing area of algae and moss cells, making it impossible for the moss and algae to continue producing the energy required to live.

Thereby getting and keeping your surfaces free of moss and algae.

There are literally 1000’s of different types of moss and algae, but almost all of them have the same base cell structure and environment conditions.

Therefore MossBlocker is effective against almost all moss and algae varieties, and the new minuscule imbalance created by MossBlocker is effective in preventing most and algae regrowth for the same varieties, for as much as 2 – 3 years.

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